Botanical Healing Arts & Massage:

"Aromatherapy belongs to the realm of natural therapeutics. As such it is based on certain principles which are shared by herbal medicine, homeopathy, etc. These principles are complementary and are based on man's interpretation of nature from his understanding of life." Robert Tisserand

My mission is to provide a truly integrated approach to holistic health and wellness through aromatherapy and massage.

Your source for professional aromatherapy, complementary therapies, and massage care for all ages

SEE NEW CLASSES FOR SUMMER/FALL 2014 and Sara's Sanctuary Retreat Schedule!

 New NCBTMB Approved CE Classes Offered This Year at Parkland College Business Training Center, Sara's Sanctuary, Lakeland College's Kluethe Center and other locations. New courses for 2014 include: Aroma Facials and Skin Care with Essential Oils, A Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness Therapies, The Wellness Garden, Making Herbal Infusions and Other Natural Products, Aromatherapy Certification Course for non college courses is in the works! See our classes and workshop page for the latest classes

  “Mimi’s Scented Garden”  is my children's book, inspired by my grandchildren, and it introduces children to the wonders of aromatic plants and aromatherapy, and provides their adult friends and relatives with guidance and ideas for projects. There’s more about the book at “Tidbits from my Desk,” and it may be ordered from the "Aromatherapy Marketplace" here on my website. I am now also available to present classes on Botany for Health and Beauty to 5th-8th grade students.

In addition to my Bachelors Degree , I am a Certified and Registered Aromatherapist  and am licensed in the State of Illinois as a Massage Therapist. I also have the privilege of teaching  in the health professions department of Parkland College in Champaign, Illinois for ten years.The contact with students, preparation for private seminars and workshops, as well as writing for professional journals keeps me growing and up-to-date! (You’ll find a list of available workshops in "Classes and Workshops" on this website, and some of the articles in the Tidbits section.) The 2013 Alliance of International Aromatherapist Conference was spectacular and I am anxious to share all of this new information with you!

I work with private clients in Tuscola. Many time-tested essential oil blends they use are available online, (click on Aromatic Specialties to see them all), and many clients have me develop custom blends for their needs.  Massage clients choose from therapeutic Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hotstone massage, chair massage, aromatherapy massage and facials, and chakra balancing. We’ve just added a full page of information about our massage services, including varieties and cost, here on my website.  In the Tidbits section, go to “Massage at Sara's.”  If you are new to massage, we will discuss your needs and the optimal modality.  Sessions are 30, 60 or 90 minutes, and price is determined by time and materials. An appointment is necessary. Please call me at 217 621-9103.

In 2014 we are planning new special health and wellness weekend and daily getaways at Sara's Sanctuary in the woods at Lake Sara!  It is rewarding to bring quality professionals to the retreats, and to have so many happy participants! We are currently planning one night events and single day retreats this year. If you’ll please click on the “Tidbits from my Desk” tab at the left, you can choose “Sara’s Sanctuary” to learn all about what we’ll be doing. Click on “Cardinal Cove Retreat” for additional photos and information about the beautiful home where the sanctuaries are held. These weekends and day trips will be more than just fun, as they make use of so much that I believe in. **Also, please 'LIKE' us on FACEBOOK at Sara's Sanctuary.

For many years, I owned a gift shop that was known for the personal care we gave our customers and for our involvement in the community.  I was honored with the East Central Illinois Development Corporation’s Business Ethics and Social Involvement Award in 2002. Botanical Healing Arts & Massage is founded on the same principles.

I hope you’ll bookmark this website, and come back often!  My most popular blends are available here, as well as general information about aromatherapy and massage. I’ll be pleased to work with you personally, if you wish. Please email me with any questions!

"An aromatic bath with oils and a scented massage are a healthy way to start the day." Hippocrates, father of modern medicine.